Why Wool?



The Project Why Wool? is about taking a step back from the fast paced world we live in and developing an understanding of a natural and sustainable Fibre from start to Finish. This included washing raw wool, to carding, spinning, plying into a
useable yarn and then weaving. The purpose of my work is to showcase honest materials and honest process. It is vital to my practice to use natural materials that can ensure provenance to the end user. For this, it seemed appropriate to start with undyed wool. A material recognised worldwide as it is natural, renewable, biodegradable, a natural insulator, resilient and breathable. I believe wool is the best material for our bodies and can be used in many innovative and contemporary ways. Inspired by exploring these qualities of wool, I wove fabric and samples to test by freezing, hanging and wearing them.


Shot on film camera by Hollie Ward.